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Baby Cry Timer 1.0



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Date Added:11 September, 2014

Author: Adam Balzan

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Baby Cry Timer is an iOS app that makes it super simple to put your baby to sleep using the controlled crying method. So what exactly does controlled crying mean? Controlled crying involves putting your baby to bed then leaving the room, returning to briefly check and reassure your baby. The length of time between visits is gradually increased until your baby is asleep. With controlled crying you are teaching your baby to fall asleep independently by giving them the opportunity to do so.

So how does Baby Cry Timer help? It helps by giving you fast access to a set of timers that also increase in length of time. This app also keeps track of which timer your up to, Allow you to add custom timers and keep a full history of all the times you start / end a timer so you can see the progress that you and your baby have been making. Baby Cry Timer also has a Tip section that has baby sleeping tips from around the internet and other users of the Baby Cry Timer App.

This App does not eve have to be active for the alarm to go off. If you open a different app you will get a local notification informing you that the current timer has finished.

Baby Cry Timer has 5 pre set timers ready to go. Simply touch one of the rows and that timer will be set and running. It also shows which timer was last used so you know which timer to use next.

If you would like to add a new timer simply press the Plus button on the top right set how many minutes the timer should last and hit the save button. Your new timer will be saved and ready to use just like the 5 default ones

The section on the top will show you what timer is currently running and how long its has left. This top section will appear in the Timers Tab, History Tab and Tips Tab. so you will always know where your up to.

When the timer goes of you can control how you are to be notified, you can specify sound alarm, vibration alarm and light/ Flash alarm or any combination of the 3. (assuming your device can perform these actions). These settings will be saved for all future timers and can be changed at any time.

The History Tab of Baby Cry Timer will show you every timer that you have set in this app, Which timer was running, when it started / finished and any notes that you might have made about getting your baby to sleep at that time.

The list is ordered by time so that you most recent timers are at the top. The list is also broken up by day so you can quickly jump from day to day.

This Table list is aware of any existing timers that might be running. If there is a timer running you will see it at the top of the table view. You can tap this area to jump directly to the current timer, to stop it, add a note or change the timer settings

The Tips section of Baby Cry Timer has helpfull tips and suggestions to help you put your baby to sleep. These tips have been sourced from around the internet as well as other users of the Baby Cry Timer app.

If you read a tip that you like you can press the "Like Tip" button on the right. the most popular tips will then bubble up to the top and provide the best information for all users. You can see how many other users have also like a tip with the count of votes for each tip.

If you want to check for new Tips simply press the refresh button on the top left. It will then download and update your list of tips re ordering them so the most voted tips are to the top.

If you would like to share your tip with other users of Baby Cry Timer press the Plus button on the top right of this screen. Then fill out your name and your tip and press the share button. Your tip will be sent to the Baby Cry Timer server where it will get moderated and if appropriate will be released for all other users of Baby Cry Timer.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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